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[Documentary | 72 minutes | Brazil | 2011]

Direction: Marcelo Reis

Executive Production: Marcelo Reis

Production: Patrícia Vieira and Marcelo Reis

Research: Patrícia Vieira and Marcelo Reis

Director of Photography: Guilherme Reis

Production assistance: Nilo Augusto

Edition: Marcelo Reis

Translation and Subtitling: Andrés Schffer

Produced by: Bagulium Loquo Est

Co-Produced by: Postura Digital

Support: Contour Audio and Video, Lokamig Rent a Car, Quituts, San Ro, Voël.

Sponsorship: Belo Horizonte City Incentive Law.


GREEN AWARD on Third World Independent Film Festival, USA (2011) LUIS ESPINAL AWARD at 7th. Mostra CineTrabalho, BRAZIL (2012) BEST FILM on Festiver, COLOMBIA (2012)

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